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hololive English 2nd Concert -Breaking Dimensions-

General sale opens in: 8 days 13 hours 54 minutes

hololive English 2nd Concert -Breaking Dimensions-


6:00 PM | Doors open 5:00 PM

Sales Period: Friday, June 28th at 9 PM EDT

* Please note that sales will end when the planned number of venue tickets have been sold.
* Venue tickets are not drawn by lottery unlike many Japanese concerts, and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

"hololive English 2nd Concert -Breaking Dimensions-", the second overall concert of "hololive English", will be held on August 24 and 25 in New York, USA.

All members of hololive English (Mori Calliope / Takanashi Kiara / Ninomae Ina’nis / Gawr Gura / Watson Amelia / IRyS / Ceres Fauna / Ouro Kronii / Nanashi Mumei / Hakos Baelz / Shiori Novella / Koseki Bijou / Nerissa Ravencroft / Fuwawa Abyssgard / Mococo Abyssgard) will be performing.

Please enjoy the performance of the 15 members of hololive English, which is more powerful than last year!


About hololive production

hololive production is a Virtual YouTuber Group that consists of talents and groups such as hololive and HOLOSTARS that focus on live streaming and content creation on platforms such as YouTube. hololive production specializes in the utilization of complex 2D and 3D character model designs for live streaming and content creation.

About hololive English

hololive English is a VTuber group that focuses on live streaming and content creation for the English-speaking viewers.

About COVER Corporation

COVER Corporation is an IT company which blends content creation with VR and AR technologies to carry its vision of delivering the culture of virtual streaming to the world. COVER Corporation operates hololive production, a streamer group which encompasses the VTuber groups hololive, hololive Indonesia, hololive English, HOLOSTARS, and HOLOSTARS English. hololive production houses next-generation virtual talents whose activities include live streaming on platforms such as YouTube and interacting with fans on Twitter. The talents perform using intricate 2D and 3D avatars provided by the company. For more information about COVER Corporation, visit production, hololive, hololive Indonesia, hololive English, HOLOSTARS, and HOLOSTARS English are trademarks of COVER Corporation.


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