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SUNDAY, MARCH 38:00 PM | Doors open 7:00 PM

Eden Hason, Israel's reigning music icon and Person of the Year in Music, has triumphed in a remarkable year of achievements. Crowned by Spotify and Apple Music as Israel's most-listened-to artist, he embarks on a new tour in the United States.


Hason's monumental success includes a stellar Yarkon Park show, a nationwide tour, and a dazzling performance at Jerusalem's Sultan's Pool. Topping Apple and Spotify charts, dominating Galgalatz playlist, and garnering 350 million YouTube views, he set records at the Pastigal festival. Notably, he joined 'The Next Star for Eurovision 2023' as a judge. Six years after his debut hit, "Someone will Stop Me," Hason's ascent includes the ACUM Achievement Award and a decade's worth of achievements in just six years.


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