Dance BKLYN! A World Dance Celebration

DOORS: 6:00PM      SHOW: 7:00PM


Kings Theatre
1027 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
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Dance BKLYN! A World Celebration is committed to honoring the differences and similarities of a global people through the art (and science) of dance. Join us as we bring together various cultures of our beloved city for an evening celebration of culture, music & dance!

The arts are at the center of most communities, serving as an expression of unification in numerous social and religious events around the world. Join performing arts company Purelements: An Evolution in Dance as we bring together various cultures of our beloved borough and shine the spotlight on the various cultures of our community in a celebration of music and dance at "Dance Brooklyn! A World Celebration."

Participating dance companies include Allure Dance Company, Something Positive, Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation, Ninja Ballet and Purelements and a spoken word performance by poet Jaime Lewis.

The 2-hour dance concert will feature Afro-Caribbean, Contemporary, Salsa, West African and Classical Ballet x Martial Art fusion form dance performances.

"In the Hip Hop culture you have the cypher, which is the open circle where people come to share their creative enery. It is a safe space where we can lovingly challenge each other to keep pushing towards even greater manifestations of our creative selves. East New York in Motion works to do the same as it is not just a performance but it is a sharing and celebration of cultures, ideas and beliefs." - Lakai Worrell, Co-Founder/Co-Artistic Director, Purelements

FREE and open to the community - All ages are welcome.

Dance BKLYN! A World Dance Celebration

Friday, 7:00 pm

Jun 15, 2018